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House Problems Solved by Landscape | Artful Arrangements

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4 Huge Household Problems Solved by Good Landscape Design

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Keeping the house in perfect condition is a huge domestic challenge. Have you been bugged by numerous household problems, such as clogged drainage and soil erosion? Are there flaws that have cost you an ever-increasing energy bill? Even with an awesome house design, certain problems can have an impact on your property.

But did you know that modifying your landscape design or adding a landscaped yard can solve certain house problems? Yes, with simple landscaping changes, you can make your house a better place to live in.

Solving 4 Household Problems with Landscaping

1. Erosion

After a heavy downpour, do mud and filth end up inside your house or spilling out on various areas of your property? Do you see ruts and grooves even after a light rain shower? If you happen to have a sloped area, then you can just merely add stone and vegetation to prevent further damage and erosion.  Find ways on how landscaping works in this type of elevation to prevent erosion and water runoff.

2. Faulty Drainage System

Do mud puddles and potholes bother you? In areas where heavy rainfall is frequent, flooding is most likely a problem. This could be caused by a faulty drainage system. Excessive moisture seeping into concrete can weaken the soil, causing cracks and holes to appear. You can solve this problem by remodeling your drainage system with a better irrigation design.

3. Insufficient Indoor Space

Hosting parties and celebrations in your home would be better if you have more room for guests. However, if you find your house too little for get-togethers, then you probably have to move the merrymaking outdoors.

Build a patio with the help of a landscape designer to have enough space to accommodate a huge crowd. Redesign your backyard and create an open space for recreation. You can also create a transitional indoor-outdoor space. With good landscaping ideas, your house gatherings will be sensational.

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4. Insulation and Cooling Problems

Have you ever felt that your energy and heating bills are rising almost non-stop? You probably have difficulty with your heating and cooling systems.

If you are getting too much sunlight, you will increase your energy consumption by cranking up your air conditioning. But block the sun by planting tall trees on the eastern portion of your yard, and you will be surprised by how much difference it will show on the thermostat display.

Deciduous trees, such as maple and hickory, may offer shade for you during a hot summer’s day. You should have them planted if you have enough room. Alternatively, you can opt for towering shrubs.

On the other hand, if chilling winds bother you, simply find a way to let more sunshine into your home. Doing the exact opposite – removing anything obstructive, will brighten up your house and save you money on your heating bill. You can plant evergreens near the north facing windows to stop you from freezing during wintry months.


Erosion, faulty drainage system, insufficient indoor space, and rising energy bills are complicated issues afflicting almost every household worldwide. The good news is these problems are easily solvable. With the right landscaping schemes and designs, you can get rid of them for good.

A professional landscaper will help you find such gaffes and improve your house’s curb appeal. Moreover, solving these problems will assuredly increase the market value of your property.

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