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The Best Prescott Landscaping Company realizes, as always, that the success of our work is measured by you.  If you have a comment, question or dissatisfaction with our personnel, products, equipment or service, we will be quick to respond.  We do appreciate your business – and the confidence you put in us.Organics – This is the alternative to chemical fertilization.  We have discovered that ORGANICALLY GREEN™ fertilization has many demonstrated benefits: Organics are free from the possible side effects of the overuse of chemicals.

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  • Organics are safe for use around humans and pets.
  • Organics are environmentally non-intrusive.
  • Organics are helpful in controlling and reducing weeds, diseases, and pests, especially with prolonged use.
  • Organics produce a green, healthy lawn because of organics condition, build, and loosen soil by developing sturdy, healthy root systems, naturally.


Our ORGANICALLY GREEN program consists of five applications of 100% organic fertilizer that we combine with organic soil conditioners, organic secondary/micronutrients and organic matter, as well as lime and sulfur.In addition, each visit includes an inspection of your lawn for any signs of problems as well as offering suggestions to improve the condition of your lawn, if appropriate.We fertilize, and your water, for a lawn that we can all live with.Weed Control – Please keep in mind that continued, regular use of organic products does develop a more disease-resistant, healthy lawn and thereby decreases the dependency on pesticides, but as part of our organic fertilization program, we can apply chemical products, in liquid form, that prevent, control, or eliminate weed problems. In the spring, we apply broadleaf weed control.  In the summer, we reapply herbicide to control and kill broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, chickweed, and clover and continue as always to check for potential problems.  Then, in the fall, we put down broadleaf weed control one more time.

We reapply herbicides intermittently, if necessary, as part of our commitment to your utter satisfaction as well as the pleasure of doing the job that we want to do – at no extra charge, of course.   And whenever we do apply these products, we do so sensibly and safely use only the amount necessary to control the problem.  In fact, we only spot spray for any specific problems to avoid the excessive and unnecessary use of chemicals.LAWN MOWING – On a regularly scheduled, weekly basis, Prescott Landscaping can tend to your lawn with properly trained personnel and appropriate and well-maintained equipment.  This service includes weekly mowing and trimming of all grass areas as well as edging along concrete walks, driveways, and patios every two weeks.  Of course, we thoroughly clean up the debris we cause and take the grass clippings with us.INITIAL MOWING – This service is not optional.  The extra charge is levied when the grass is of sufficient length at the time of the first mowing as to require more time than usual.INITIAL EDGING – The service is performed at your option and with an additional charge when edging along concrete walks and driveways because it will require more time than usual.  This extra time is normally a result of edging not having been done regularly or recently.